Online & Self-Paced Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) Foundation Course | Exemplar Global Certified


  • Course Area:

    Medical Devices

  • Course Duration:

    8 Hours

  • Format:

    Online & Self-Paced Course

  • Accreditation:

    CQI and IRCA approved training partner
  • Individual Pricing:

    495 per person

  • Team Pricing:

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On-Demand MDSAP Foundation Training

In this video, an overview of our new On-Demand MDSAP Foundation Training Course is provided, including what is covered on the course, who the course is for, how you will be assessed, and a preview of How You Will Learn with Comply Guru. Check it out!

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Our Exemplar Global Certified Online & Self-Paced Course aims to provide learners with the knowledge required to understand the IMDRF Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) for medical device quality management based on ISO 13485:2016 and international regulatory bodies medical device regulations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the purpose and benefits of a MDSAP audit of a medical device quality management system
  2. Identify the countries that recognise MDSAP audits
  3. Explain the role of IMDRF and its members in the development of the MDSAP scheme
  4. Explain the relationship between MDSAP, ISO 13485:2016 and the regulatory requirements of the MDSAP member countries
  5. Describe the MDSAP audit approach and the process for assessing conformity as described in MDSAP AU P0002.006

Course Certification

This course will be offered with Exemplar Global Certification. Successful completion will entitle each Learner to receive a digital Exemplar Global Recognized Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Attend?

This course would be targeted at:

  • Quality assurance professionals
  • Quality Engineers
  • Research and design Engineers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Quality Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Regulatory professionals

Assessment Methodology

In order to successfully complete this online course, each Learner will need to:

  • Complete the online course modules and obtain 70% or higher in the final assessment (MCQ-based)

Course Access & Support

Upon registering for this course, a Learner will be able to avail of the following:

  • Course Access for 90-days
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Module 1: Introduction to MDSAP

    • What is MDSAP?
    • Purpose and benefits of MDSAP
    • Role of IMDRF in development of MDSAP
    • MDSAP Members, Official Observers and Affiliate Members
    • Relationship with ISO 13485:2016 and regulatory requirements
    • MDSAP Guidance Documents

  • Module 2: MDSAP Audit

    • MDSAP Structure
    • Audit Sequence
    • MDSAP Audit Cycle
    • Special and Unannounced Audits
    • Audit Time and Duration
    • Introduction to MDSAP NC Grading
    • How the MDSAP Certificate / Reports are used by Regulators

  • Module 3: MDSAP Requirements - Chapter 1 and 2

    • Introduction to Chapter 1 and 2
    • Chapter 1 Management Tasks 1-11
    • Additional Country Specific Requirements
    • Chapter 2 Tasks 1-3
    • Additional Country Specific Requirements

  • Module 4: MDSAP Requirements - Chapter 3 and 4

    • Introduction to Chapter 3 and 4
    • Chapter 3 Tasks 1-16
    • Additional Country Specific Requirements
    • Chapter 4 Tasks 1-2
    • Additional Country Specific Requirements

  • Module 5: MDSAP Requirements - Chapter 5

    • Introduction to Chapter 5
    • Project selection and planning
    • Design and development inputs
    • Verification, validation, clinical evaluation
    • Design change, review and transfer
    • Software design and development

  • Module 6: MDSAP Requirements - Chapter 6

    • Introduction to Chapter 6
    • Tasks 1-9 including country specific requirements
    • Tasks 10-19 including country specific requirements
    • Tasks 20-29 including country specific requirements

  • Module 7: MDSAP Requirements - Chapter 7 and Annexes

    • Introduction to Chapter 7
    • Tasks 1-6 including country specific requirements
    • Tasks 7-12 including country specific requirements
    • Annex 1 and Annex 2
    • Annex 3 Adverse Events and Advisory Notices Reporting
    • Annex 4 Written Agreements

E-Learning System Requirements

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Recommended Operating Systems

Windows 7/10, Mac OSX Sierra, iPad IOS10

Mobile Devices

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Internet Speed

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Recommended Internet Browsers

  • Google Chrome 32 bit version 50 or later
  • Safari 10 or later
Important Note: add-ons and toolbars can affect any browsers performance. MS Internet Explorer or Edge is not recommended as its not compatible with the LMS and the course functionality will not work properly.

Recommended Settings

We recommend that the following settings are enabled:
  • Cookies
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  • Plugins
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