ISO 9001:2015 Insight: Clause 6.2 Quality Objectives

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ISO 9001:2015 Insight: Clause 6.2 Quality Objectives

A key requirement of ISO 9001 is to establish quality objectives and plans to achieve them. A quality objective is a measurable goal which is designed to ensure product and service conformity and/or enhance customer satisfaction.

When establishing quality objectives, the organization needs to ensure that they are consistent with the quality policy. For example, if the quality policy includes a statement to exceed customer expectations, then it might have a quality objective related to improving the functional performance of its products.

In order to determine if the quality objectives have been met, the organization needs to ensure that they are measurable (for example, reduce customer complaints by 10%) and monitored and/or reviewed on a defined basis. Typically, achievement of the quality objectives is reviewed formally as part of the annual management review but they can also be reviewed on a more frequent basis as part of operational reviews or through internal audits.

The use of vague quality objectives such as “Achieve excellent customer service” should be avoided and replaced with specific objectives such as “Reduce time to resolve customer query by 3 hours” or “Reduce delivery related customer complaints by 10%”

For each quality objective, the organization must plan how it will be achieved. Planning must address: what will be done, what resources are required, who is responsible, what are the timelines and how will results be evaluated.

As part of the ISO 9001 certification process, ISO auditors will look for evidence of documented quality objectives and associated action plans and also that the achievement of the quality objectives is being monitored and adjusted if required.

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