Are You Ready To Make The Switch To Blended Learning?

by Eoin Philip Kelly | September 27, 2019 | Blended ISO Training , Blog , CQI and IRCA , eLearning , |

Are you someone who prefers classroom training? Have you ever considered Blended Learning? Are you ready to make the Switch?

Until this year, anyone wishing to receive CQI & IRCA Certified ISO 9001 Auditor Training needed to spend 2-days in a classroom to gain an Internal Auditor Qualification or 5-days in a classroom to gain a Lead Auditor Qualification!

Not to say that this would not have been an effective or highly enjoyable learning experience – but in today’s world, with busy personal & professional commitments, the desire for more convenient & flexible training is a premium – whilst not reducing effectiveness or enjoyment from the training.

This is what blendedlearning offers: the best of two worlds! 50% Online to enable you to complete a significant portion of the training at your own pace/schedule and 50% Classroom to enable you to bring that knowledge acquired from the online modules to a very practical, highly interactive classroom with an expert Instructor who facilitates “tying it all together”.

For those curious to learn more, we are offering a number of FREE short online courses including an Introduction to ISO 9001:2015, to register click here!

Standards Simplified. Training Transformed.

Our mission is to simplify the complex world of Standards, combine leading subject matter experts, graphic & instructional designers & technology together so our Learners benefit from all of the advantages that the best in online Learning can offer anywhere!

Standards Simplified. Training Transformed
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